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Public Meeting for Mountain View

There was a meeting of Interested and Affected Parties held at the premises of Mountain View on the 5th August.

There were approximately 30 I&AP’s present. Concerns and objections were expressed widely with not a single I & AP expressing support for the project. Some major concerns included water, as a proposal by Mountain View, was to sink boreholes which would draw the requirements of 86 families plus staff, an enormous drain on the limited water resources in the area.

Noise, light and visual pollution was also a cause for concern. The existing runway, on the other side of the R 512, had been upgraded and had been in use for some time according to Brendan Irwin. This means that if the development went ahead there would in fact be two runways as the area covered by the existing runway has been recently re developed.
Minutes of the meeting will be distributed by the consultants. Please let us know if you require a copy of these minutes.