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Sports fields for Oori kids – a dream coming true

The excitement is building up around the creation of a soccer and netball field for local children on the SOS Training Village property in Riverside Estates. An enthusiastic team gathered at SOS this week to construct the fields and erect the equipment.

Michelle Panos, who set it all in motion, writes: “A huge thank you to all the Oori residents who have supported and encouraged what began as a simple request from four little people to be able to play soccer alongside their dads!

“Special mention must be made of Myrna Thomas of SOS, the magnanimous lady who has made this dream a possibility, and her team. A number of other phenomenal people have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the project does indeed come to fruition. Thank you to the 25 joint Accenture/SAB Miller volunteers, conjured up to help with hands-on work and thanks for the Conservancy's donation of some key components.

“Thank you also to Fransa Cole for her kind offer to help with labour, to Christine and Rob Garbett for their commitment as well as to numerous other members of the community who have offered advice and pledged donations or assistance in some or other way. Lastly, a big thank you to Gerald and Michelle Chapman for agreeing to level the playing fields.”

Amazing things can happen when someone sees a need and gets a community rallied behind a project! That's what Michelle Panos has done.

SAB Miller and Accenture team members arrive

Arriving at SOS - the Accenture-SAB Miller volunteers

Inaugural netball match

Oori girls waste no time taking to the netball field

Young dreamer - Banele Hlongwane - on the new soccer field ready for action!