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A boma for George's harem

The Oori Game Reserve's lonely giraffe, George, is awaiting the arrival of two mates. The boma where the ladies will be kept for a while to get used to their new surroundings is being constructed on Jakkalsdans, the Coles' property. Louis Cole, who is in charge of the project, says: “The poles are up, the concrete is curing and we will be putting up the canvas around it soon.”


The Conservancy donated R500 for the cement.

A fund-raising soiree, organised by Louis and Fransa Cole on 22 November, raised about R7 000. A hundred people attended the event which took place at Henry and Jay Barnard's Kwa-Empengele Lodge in the Oori. The spacious lawns and huge shady trees provided an ideal place for people to picnic while they listened to the lovely music provided by Johanna Czerny's group.

The boma should be ready early in December. Not a moment too soon. Apparently George is taking out his impatience on the local telephone poles and knocking them over. No great loss there – seeing the area has no Telkom lines anymore.

Talking about Telkom (without using four-letter words)...

Most residents in the RNC have had no lines for two years. Telkom gave up after the umpteenth cable theft. What has not filtered through to Telkom, however, is that residents are not prepared to pay a line rental for non-existent lines! Residents are getting threats from Telkom's lawyers to pay up or face being black-listed. Calls, letters, faxes, visits to Telkom have no effect. “Tried, tested and reliable” should read “Tried, tested and failed miserably."