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George not so lonely

Lucky George has two gorgeous, long-necked creatures to keep him company. The tall and slender females arrived, carried in to the Oori safely, to spend the weekend in a special enclosure - much like a boudoir!

On 1 March, they shyly emerged, taking a full four hours to take a step into freedom. Later the same day, they had found their feet, and were spotted ambling towards the boom at sunset.

Pam Orbell says:

  • George isn't really as lonely as we think - male giraffes tend to be loners meeting up with the females every 3 to 4 days;
  • Females start breeding at 4.5 years of age;
  • Gestation is about 450 days;
  • She goes off to have the baby on her own, and only joins the rest of the (mainly female) herd after about 3 weeks;
  • Females stick together in a small breeding herd


Lonely on the horizon.


What is this strange mechanical creature arriving in the Oori?

Return to sender

Gentle does it! Offloading is a skill.

Tight fit


A girl get hungry

Shy and tentative, but also hungry after the journey


Blue sky above, and open space ahead...off she goes


And then there were two more on the horizon.