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George and his new ladies

In the Oori Game Reserve 3G has nothing to do with email. It's a male of a different sort altogether: George the previously-lonely Giraffe and two of his lovely young female companions, Georgina and Georgette, add up to 3Gs.

George's companions arrived a few weeks ago and were kept in a special boma, built to accommodate them until they had sussed out their new environment (and George, presumably...). They came out of the boma, surveyed the land and walked off with George as if they owned the place.

“The Oori is a flourishing reserve with 450 head of game on 1500 ha of mixed grassland and savannah,” says Steve Panos, one of the residents. “Game includes zebra, blue wildebeest, blesbok, kudu, waterbuck, ostrich, impala and our prize possessions, the three giraffe.

“The Oori needs to be managed carefully,” he emphasises. “That includes a co-ordinated burning programme to ensure that the grasslands maintain their nutrition and ability to act as water managers. It also means extensive alien plant removal and infrastructure management such as the road network. We need to check regularly for snares and potholes in game paths. We've recently lost some valuable animals through these.

“Overall game management is essential: introducing the right species, removing excess game through sales, veterinary care, regular game counts and patrols to prevent poaching.”