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Snares out there!

It is really sad to have to shoot an animal who has been snared and the escaped with horrific injuries and this happens on a regular basis.

As I have always advocated, we need to look after our own back gardens to preserve what we have as a way of life in the Oori.
Yesterday the game guards picked up what I can only describe as horrific tools of destruction.

The worst was found on plot 48 riverside (see pic) this was definitely for a kudu and even George or his girl,s would have been in trouble.
The second lot was between Norman Jeffries and Johan Swanepoel. Can you imagine if we have to put George down because of a snare!

I suggest that we take this seriously and talk to our staff who are the main culprits and if they are not the ones doing it, they will have a good idea. These snares are in close proximity to dwellings and fence lines.
I urge you all to help in this regard, spend some time on your properties, clean them up and try and help the small team to do there jobs.

I would also like to appeal to all that we increase our contributions as we have taken on 2 extra guards and probably need another soon. This is in lieu of the fact that the game committee are now responsible for the gate and the reserve. We have all seen a drop in our hefty contributions to security so a little extra into the game fund will ensure effective measures to combat poaching and will allow us to maintain the reserve.

I would appreciate any comments and or help we can get.