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Just a general thanks to everybody has actively tackled the Pom-pom this year. Quite a few residents collected herbicide from Fransa.

Thanks again to Henry Barnard who despite his health, arranged for the road to be graded.He has convinced the Municipality through his contact to appoint a contractor to resurface the road.

We need to find a place in the Oori where they can source soil. Any offers? I've spoken to Nick Dale who supplied me with contact details of Jeff Veinning in order to use the pit at the boomgate. However, Nick is concerned. Vegetation is re-established in the pit, and he has treated it several times for pom-pom. If we quarry there, it will disturb the situation anew.

Thanks to Johan Swanepoel for clearing the trees at the turn-off on the R512. It really makes a difference.