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A sad day

About ten months ago, little Gigi came into our lives to join brother Mojo born two months earlier - beautiful long eyelashes, slim, elegant legs that go on forever and the sweetest face filled with the curiosity of being newly alive. As a community we were over the moon at having two baby giraffes born about two years after purchasing two giraffe cows to join George our lonely giraffe.

Unfortunately life can be hard for baby giraffes and she was caught up in a snare which resulted in her hind hoof being deprived of blood flow and falling off despite the best efforts of veterinary surgeons. She managed remarkably well and some of the people in the community started researching the feasibility of having a prosthesis fitted and raising funds for this purpose.  

Today should have been a milestone in the progress towards giving her another chance - two top veterinarians came to take x-rays of Gigi's leg and to do the measurements for her prosthesis. On advice of the veterinary surgeon under whose supervision she was, she was to be moved to a large enclosed area to be cared for and give her a chance to rest her leg. All went very well, until she was off-loaded in the enclosure when her heart stopped. Despite all the efforts of the veterinarians present (ever seen CPR done on a giraffe?), she left this world.

Rest in peace our little Braveheart.