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The demise of Telkom

Gerald and his team have been hard at work removing Telkom's telephone poles.


We won, we won!

Jubilation and pride! “The boys from the Oori SOS team played their first soccer match against the chaps from Alpha Conference Centre two weeks ago and won 7-5!” writes Michelle Panos, an Oori resident. This team had been practising with great enthusiasm on the soccer field constructed in August on the SOS Training Village property in Riverside Estates.


A boma for George's harem

The Oori Game Reserve's lonely giraffe, George, is awaiting the arrival of two mates. The boma where the ladies will be kept for a while to get used to their new surroundings is being constructed on Jakkalsdans, the Coles' property. Louis Cole, who is in charge of the project, says: “The poles are up, the concrete is curing and we will be putting up the canvas around it soon.”